Being Present in the Moment

Being Present in the Moment

I had some incredible experiences in Egypt … some of the most amazing things included flying right over Gizah and seeing the Pyramids from the air; standing in front of seemingly infinite hieroglyphics like I always wanted to as a young child, thinking that if I just had the opportunity to stand in front of them, I would understand. That my brain might not understand what it was seeing, but my heart and soul would know. And that’s exactly what happened. I saw what was written, I touched it, felt it, and understood. It took me back to many lifetimes ago, when things unknown to us were common knowledge back then.

I found that there’s so much postulation and ambiguity in ‘the truth’ in Egypt. Egyptologists can’t agree, and won’t; Egyptians themselves aren’t really sure, and some don’t know – especially if you ask too many questions because the answer only leads to even more questions and those answers are lost in time. There’s even laws around what is said and what can and can’t be said; in addition to a requirement for an ‘approved’ guide to take you everywhere and tell you things – things that people have been taught and told to say. But then you stand there, and you look at these amazing structures and artworks and monuments and deep inside your heart knows the truth of what it is.

And I find life is like that. The further you dig both phyiscally and metaphorically speaking the more is uncovered, the more questions are asked and your brain struggles to grasp the logic when the heart just knows.

And you can do your head in with the questions…

I just found it was better to just ‘be’ and accept the gift in the present moment. However they came to happen, these exceptional structures are gifts from the past for us to embrace, accept and show gratitude for. The enormity of the projects undertaken, the attention in the detail, the design execution all indicative of a greater understanding, a more divine intelligence than ours and a great, great love.

When I moved to acceptance, I felt an enormous sense of peace and gratitude, wandering through the Luxor Temple marvelling at what was before me, the Temple itself bathed in the most magnificent light to show of its divine aesthetic features. And out of the corner of my eye I marvelled at the realisation a full moon was out that night and was peering at me through the monoliths of the Temple walls. While these monoliths had seen many, many hundreds of thousands of nights, full moons were less prevalent, and I stopped for a moment, totally present in the moment and captured what I saw in a photograph. The gift really is found in the present.


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